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s launching of the largest trade war in econ▓omic history could impact the global trade order and inflict losses to U.S. consumers as well as industry and commerce fir▓ms on both sides."We are deeply

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concerned over the escalated trade tensions between the United S▓tates and China," said Bruce Blakeman, vice president of corpora▓te

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affairs in Asia Pacific at U.S. agribusiness company▓ Cargill. The transnational company has many branches and plants across China.T

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here are no winners in a trade war and tariff measures will not solve the concerns o▓f the U.S. government, according to comp

rescue can be bette▓r achieved with more devoted to the field," Bao said.Please scan the QR Code to fol

eyedin, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China said that the American Chamber of Commerce in South China and the U.S. Chamber in Washington continue to believe th

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showcases a collection of 90 of these efforts from over the la

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the status-quo is prolonged, it wi▓ll have a long lasting negative impact on free and fair trade be

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tween our nations ▓as companies affected will begin to look for alternativ▓e sources to fulfill their product needs."Sources o

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fe Conservation Society, said, "Our aim is to let the public and▓ relevant government depar

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    ut t▓hese valuable experi by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    e of business in south China."Imposing additional tariffs will increase the costs of Chinese companies in exports to the U.S. and thus make them face greater compe▓tition pressure," said Xiao Feng, deputy general manager of Shenzhen-based OneTouch Business Service Ltd., a subsidiary of e-commerce giant Alibaba Gr▓oup."But on t

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    ection. Through t▓his, we by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    he other hand, it is difficult for U.S. distributors to find substitutes as Chinese products have reasonable prices and good quality. In the end, either the demand will be cut or the prices will be lifted in the U.S. market.""The two choices will either impact the supply chain or let consumers▓ take the consequences. Both are t

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    nservation can reach deepe by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    errible results.""The U.S. clients have already ▓told us they would adjust the prices," said an executive of an equipment manufacturing firm with exports to the U.S. in Guangdong.Dongguan Excel Industrial Co. Ltd, another company in the province, is affected by the U.S. list of Chinese products for additional tariffs. The compa

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    arts."Quake-frightened pan by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    n▓y's two major U.S. clients hold a wait-and-see attitude."One client believes the prices will inev▓itably hiked, which will lead to the fall of consumption demand, while the other also considers cutting the types of products on the market," according to Wu Tianwen, chairman of the company."It is nothin▓g good. None of Chinese

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